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Welcome to Conversion First Marketing!

My name Is Tyler Krause, owner of CFM.  Officially founded in 2014, Conversion First has been actively building and optimizing business websites since 2010.  

8 Years ago I started a service-based business and was one of the only business owners in town to recognize the incredible power of SEO marketing.

I've put together a fantastic team and a simple, tangible and powerful way of helping businesses engage with their search and Social Marketing opportunities.  Solutions that combine my love for teaching with my love for finding creative ways of generating revenue.

Our name, "Conversion First Marketing" is our promise to utilize your marketing dollars with conversions to revenue as our goal. Whether website design or SEO services, we want to build your revenue - not just your rankings.

The holy grail of learning search marketing is the "over the shoulder" view of an SEO professional actually doing their craft. It's one of the hardest things to get an SEO to do because it is literally how we earn a living. Whether on a package or consulting - you'll get the feel of learning more about your own SEO as we go.

Why Conversion First?

I named my company Conversion First for two reasons:

  1. I love to watch a marketing funnel work all the way to conversion. They take time and effort to establish, yet are the core of your online presence. I view every campaign from a conversion mentality before looking towards the SEO opportunity.
  2. One of my core offerings is to work as the digital arm of a small business. I'm compensated after a conversion happens which means you, the customer, get a Conversion First

I look forward to working with you!

- Tyler



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