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Welcome to Conversion First Marketing!

My name Is Tyler Krause. I founded of Conversion First Marketing in 2014.

I've been deeply passionate about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) since 2010 when I used SEO and web design to grow my first business to 6 figures. Conversion First Marketing was born out of a desire to see data based SEO & CRO based design become the heart of small business website and SEO services.

We partner with all sized business—small to enterprise—from a continual "SEO & Conversion First" mentality on projects ranging from minor digital consulting to complete website re-designs & marketing campaigns with our proprietary "SEO First Website Design" process at our core.

AKA -- We build websites and do SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing for local businesses in a way that improves their traffic and leads, brand, message & SEO in a single low price. 

How do I know if I'm a good fit?

Great question. In an age when many agencies are choosing to serve a single niche or two, we've purposely kept ourselves available to a wide variety of business types. However, our sweet spot would be any business that's doing 300,000 - 5,000,000 annually with a 3+year-old website and serving a primarily local market. That said, new businesses don't be shy, our solutions are very effective for new businesses and we welcome brand new and existing businesses alike.


Tell us about the team:

CFM has been blessed by year over year growth and now boasts a staff of 10+ talented team members! Each of our team members are experts and specialists in their field. This brings together a team that you can trust to keep your website and online marketing campaigns on the cutting edge.


Why are you called "Conversion First"?

Our name, "Conversion First Marketing" is our promise to utilize your marketing dollars with conversions to revenue. This is our goal and key performance indicator. Whether website design or SEO services, we want to build your revenue - not just your rankings.


We look forward to serving you!





We are just a step away when you need us!

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As a long time remote staff, CFM is currently navigating COVID-19 by moving our few in person meetings to 100% remote.


While we remain fully operational, our Spring Hill Office location will remain closed until further notice as we navigate this challenging time together. 


To schedule a webinar with one of our team members -- don't hesitate to reach out by phone or contact form!