Welcome and thank you for allowing us to partner in your business and online success. Below you’ll find our general terms, billing, and service details for all of our service types. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the CFM team member that has been assisting you with your service agreement.

Our Core Values:
These values guide who we hire, who we partner with, who we refer, and how we run this business daily. Many companies have core values, but we’ve heard repeatedly from our team and our clients -- we live them!

  • ROI is the KPI
    At the end of the day, we are hired for one reason only -- Return on Investment. It’s our primary goal to help our clients improve their investment in their digital marketing and online presence.
  • Friendly by Default
    We treat each other and our clients like friends. When they call, the advice they request often extends beyond digital -- and we take pride in being a friendly voice they trust.
  • Kindness In Conflict
    Relationships, both amazing and terrible ones, contain conflict. The difference is often in the way we approach and the respect we carry in that conflict. When we disagree, client or coworker, we always hold the honor of the other party in high regard.
  • Committed to Personal Growth
    We view personal growth and development as our default status. We love to talk about it and learn from one another. Doing things better isn’t just a professional thing -- it’s a life thing.
  • Take Smart Steps Forward
    If you’ve been in the digital space for any length of time, you know that it changes rapidly. Our clients expect us to stay a step ahead of the industry. That means we’ll need to take action (and still sleep at night) with the chance we’ll miss sometimes. When we miss, we always learn, and take smart steps forward. And, see the next value.
  • Honesty & Integrity
    Despite our best efforts, Google hasn’t provided us with direct access to their secret recipe book 🙂 and, unfortunately, they don’t warn us when they change things. What is critical, is that the integrity of our pursuit is for our client’s good. This will always be our promise. We know that and it may not always work out the way we hope, but we know that we’ve worked with integrity for their good.

The below are the items that are typically included in our website design projects. Some exclusions may apply.

Included keyword research
SEO Sitemap and traffic loss prevention consulting
Safe SEO implementation with included KWD tracking before and after go live.
Essential SEO Considerations (All pages)
Advanced On-Page SEO* (Designated pages)
Competitor Backlink Analysis
Indexing/Technical SEO Considerations
Per Project/Site:
All domain setup (Domain Not included)
Hosting Transfers/go live considerations
All mobile formatting considerations
Blogging ready functionality
Contact Form Setup+Antispam
Functionality Checks
Training Video (How to edit your site)
Access to your login/domain info (No funny business, you can always access your stuff)
Generous follow up support with 30 days unlimited technical support
Designated Account Strategist (*Some package sizes excluded)
Per Page:
Stock Images included (If needed)
Design (Desktop/Mobile/Tablet)
All onpage SEO considerations & SEO Content*

Analytics Installed, Checked for Accuracy
Keyword Rank Tracking - Live Link
Analytics Reporting Dashboard
Google Properties Management:
Google Analytics
Google Tag Manager
Google Search Console
Google My Business
Social Connections
Connect site with existing social media
* Not all pages require advanced SEO work, in fact, it’s better if they don’t all have SEO. This is designated during the sitemap phase.
* For pages with advanced SEO considerations, this content is provided by CFM completely. You do not need to make any SEO considerations when writing your content.
Website Build Timelines:
We build out sites on fixed timelines of 60,90,180 days for most cases and are based on the size and needs of your project. You can see your build timeline on your Digital Services Proposal.

We pre-schedule every meeting during the onboarding process at the beginning of your build with a call which you can expect shortly before or after your contract start date.

Keeping a build on a predictable timeline is a key to our success and you’ll be led through the entire process.

Typical Meeting/Schedule:
1st Revision
2nd Revision
Final Revision
Go Live
(30 Days Support)
45-Day Post Live Followup

As Go-Lives can have a number of variables that can cause delays, including client provided resources and meeting attendance, delays in the site build timeline does not affect payment terms unless by special approval.
PRO Website Design Package End of Term Options:

If you are on our standard 24 month PRO website design package, you have several options at the end of your term.
Do nothing, your contract moves to month to month, 30 days notice to cancel. Enjoy all the same SEO and site support.
Save at least $50/mo! Move to a 12-month support package and receive all of the same great support for $249/mo. Some restrictions apply.
Redesign or refresh? Sign a new 24-month agreement and we can redesign again for no increase in cost. Redesigns are limited to a similar scope and some exclusions apply, talk to a CFM team member to begin your redesign plan.
Cancel 🙁 -- We would hate to see you go but we promise to be as accommodating as we can with one of the following options assuming your account is current:
We'll export your website files and send them to any developer of your choosing --free of charge. We'll naturally stop all supporting reports or services.
CFM will work with you to cleanly transfer your site to a new provider, establish functionality, and oversee migration for a one-time cost, usually between $300 - $500.
*Not applicable for all website packages.
Early Cancellation, Term Break (24 Month PRO Website Packages)
Cancellation prior to 12 months after contract signing will require the remaining contract term to be paid in full -- less monthly payments already paid.
Cancellation between months 12 - 24 can be canceled with an early termination fee equivalent to 6 months at a contracted monthly price. Fees could apply to the transfer process depending on the requirements as stated above in item #4.
CFM Support & Consulting:

Welcome! Congratulations on partnering with CFM for your long-term website success. Nearly all of our website development is accompanied by a generous support package to set you and your site up for long-term success. This is usually indicated in the “Support & Hosting” section of your Digital Services Proposal.


Monthly Support Package Hour Details:
Our general monthly support hours are a powerful tool to help you and your business have quick access to website technical and creative support as the need arises. These support hours are included in many CFM packages and, most commonly, accompany our SEO First Website Designs and monthly support packages. While these monthly support hours can be used for most items, there are some notable restrictions.
What are these hours for?
Generally, these hours are intended to be reactive hours from our team in response to any questions, technical concerns or needs that arise during your month for the domains under contract as part of that campaign. Note, at times there are needs that appear to be related to your website, but may actually be outside of the scope of your site, like email management, for example, or 3rd party plugin support, or CRM management. These are evaluated on a case by case basis and may require additional charges.

What are these hours not for?
Support hours should not be used as a marketing package replacement for monthly marketing strategy support. If this is needed, you may be asked to move to a marketing package to better support your goals. For most plans, one extended Strategy Session is allotted per quarter and is generally not counted against your monthly hours.

Support Billing Details:
All monthly support periods are calculated by a normal calendar month (1st - 31st) regardless of your monthly installment billing date. Any support hours requested that exceed your monthly limit will be billed at the pro support rate and invoiced on the 1st of the month immediately following the calendar month the hours were rendered. Any invoices sent on the 1st of the month will be in addition to your normal monthly installment.

Hourly Support Pricing:
Beyond your monthly support hours, below are our typical hourly rates.

Package Qualified Hourly $60 Hr
If you are on a package or service that qualifies you for our 50% off support rate, you’ll see that indicated in the green checkbox above your service.

Our general support rate can be used for all kinds of digital marketing support solutions from technical (while doesn't this work) to design, (does this look good) to marketing strategy (should my website say this). Some restrictions apply.

Standard Hourly: $120 Hr
Some projects require higher levels of technical or programming expertise and are not included in our Pro Support hour rate.

Elite Consulting: $250 Hr
We’re proud to say that CFM boasts world-class SEO & CRO and Design consulting for projects of all sizes. This premium price is backed by some of the best auditing and planning advice in the industry.

The below are our standard, typically, included items with every project we take on but may not match your service terms exactly.

Included keyword research
SEO Sitemap and traffic loss prevention planning.
Safe SEO implementation with included KWD tracking for all major keyword themes.
Competitor Backlink Analysis
Indexing/Technical SEO Considerations
3 Hours of General, use for anything support* (may not be available for all package size)
SEO Design “Sectioning” we lead you in minimizing design impacts of our onpage SEO. In most cases, users will not even notice our SEO work.
Dedicated Account Strategist
Monthly Work Specs:
Labor and work varies from each month based on keyword targets and healthy optimization, however, most months will include most of the following SEO support activities:
On-page optimization of internal pages to support longtail and primary landing pages (rotating monthly).
Google My Business Management (Map Pack Optimization).
Local Listings (Yellowpages, Yelp..etc) and other listings management.
Backlink Maintenance and Acquisition
Local Press Release(s)
Blogging Content
Analytics Installed, Checked for Accuracy
Keyword Rank Tracking - Live Link
Analytics Reporting Dashboard
Monthly Emailed Report
Due after the 60 day setup/design phase. We wait 60 days to send our first formal report. After which, you can expect a monthly emailed report along with our live dashboard that you can access at any time. Typically we'll meet with you quarterly at a minimum.
Google Properties Management:
Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, Google My Business

* Not all pages require advanced SEO work, in fact, it’s better if they don’t all have SEO. This is noted and considered by your strategist.
* For pages with advanced SEO considerations, this content is provided by CFM completely. You do not need to make any SEO considerations when writing your content.

Typical SEO Package Service Timelines:
Our SEO/PPC packages are structured off of 6 month timelines. Keeping in mind that 6 months is often the minimum required timeline for sustained long term success. We’re helping to develop your site into a long term traffic and lead generating asset for your business.

Typical Schedule:

Month 1
Onboarding Meeting
Website Buildout, Prepping for SEO (as needed)
Content Planning Meeting (If Included)
Link Acquisition Begins (If Included)
Technical Audit, Fixes and Critical Improvements

Month 2:
Onpage SEO Work
Completing Any Additional Buildout Work
Link Acquisition (If Included)
Content Writing Goes Live
Any additional technical improvements

Month 3: Typically by month 3, we’re into a monthly rhythm based on your package specs and goals Continued Monthly Optimization Emailed Report

Month 4:
Continued Monthly Optimization
Emailed Report

Month 5:
Continued Monthly Optimization
Emailed Report

Month 6:
Continued Monthly Optimization
Strategist Meeting/6 Month Targeting/Revisit
Adjust Target(s) If Needed
Additional Strategy
Deeper Results Review

Month 7:
Continued Monthly Optimization...etc.

** You may request a single meeting per month with your account strategist at any time.
** If your timeline varies, please see your project details.

Typical PPC Package Service Timelines:
Our SEO/PPC packages are structured off of 6-month timelines. Keeping in mind that 6 months is often the minimum required timeline for optimizing PPC efforts enough to see desired results. We’re helping to develop your digital presence into a long-term traffic and lead-generating asset for your business.

Typical Schedule:
Month 1
Onboarding Meeting to Discuss PPC Goals, if needed
Technical Audit, Fixes and Critical Improvements (if account already exists)
Finalize Initial Strategy
Start making changes to campaign(s)/account

Month 2:
Onpage SEO Work
Completing Any Additional Buildout Work
Link Acquisition (If Included)
Content Writing Goes Live
Any additional technical improvements

Month 3:(Typically by month 3, we’re into a monthly rhythm based on your package specs and goals)
Continued Monthly Optimization
Emailed Report
Month 4:
Continued Monthly Optimization
Emailed Report

Month 5:
Continued Monthly Optimization
Emailed Report

Month 6:
Continued Monthly Optimization
Strategist Meeting/6 Month Targeting/Revisit
Adjust Target(s) If Needed
Additional Strategy
Deeper Results Review

Month 7:
Continued Monthly Optimization...etc.

General Payment Terms:
Many of our services have a variety of payment options available to you, from all-up-front to up to 24 months in structured payments. We want to help manage your cash flow with you and optimize your ROI. You can see these details indicated on your Digital Services Proposal and may be unique to each service type.

Payment Options Are
Invoice (Pay Online or by Check)
Credit Card*

Additional Details:
Once we've reviewed the contract and all details are correct, we'll process your first payment using the credit card provided below or whatever form of payment you have specified.

Your cc information is stored securely with a PCI-compliant 3rd party and is never stored on any Conversion First Marketing device or server.

You'll be issued a sales receipt at the time of processing. Any questions regarding your billing can be directed to [email protected]
Credit card charges exactly $500 or more could have a convenience fee of 3%

Build Timeline:
This is the planned and expected timeline of a website go live date. If our build is allowed to stay on schedule, we expect to be completed on or very near this stated timeline.

Payment Terms:
This is the agreed payment schedule of your services and may or may not coincide with the duration or length of your services with CFM.

Service Terms:
The contract length related to service or package delivery. This could be the same, or independent of payment terms.


Web Design (and additional services) will be billed for its first monthly installment upon contract signing. All future monthly charges will be billed on the 1st or 15th of every month by CFM every month thereafter until the contract term has been reached and continues month to month until canceled or a new contract is created.

Any applicable website builds down-payment will be billed at contract signing unless otherwise stated.

Most additional website services will be billed at the time of contract signing, in full. See your DSP for additional details.

Additional monthly marketing services may begin billing immediately, upon website go live, or on the nearest 1st or 15th of the month as consistent with a "monthly billing cycle". All monthly services are assumed to auto-renew unless canceled or otherwise stated.

Event of Non-payment: In the event of nonpayment extending 60 days, CFM reserves the right to pause services, including hosting, until the balance is paid. Pausing service(s) does not alter agreement or pause additional billing per contracted timelines.
For PPC Campaigns, Ads will be paused after XX days of nonpayment.

Even if you do not plan to pay by credit card, we request authorization and a valid CC on file. Your CC will not be charged, automatically, by adding to the above link, this is simply to add it to our system.

By signing, I authorize Conversion First Marketing to automatically bill the card provided as specified: Beginning on_SEE CONTRACT START DATE (or the most applicable 1st or 15th of the month in accordance with a normal monthly billing cycle) for the amount totaling (SEE DSP TOTALS) .
For the purpose of cancellation, billing, package changes we require a written confirmation emailed to your Account Strategist or [email protected]. An emailed request from the email address we have on file will be an acceptable form of changes requested "in writing"


If you are paying by Credit Card, please add your CC number at this secure link:
Or, bookmark this link to submit your CC at a later date.

General Web Design and SEO Contract Terms:

Agreement of Services:

This Agreement is entered into by and between Conversion First Marketing, LLC, a Tennessee corporation (hereafter "CFM"), and the company name and representative listed on the DSP to which these terms were attached (hereafter, "Client").

Nature of Search Engines, Website Design & PPC Services

Client and CFM understand and agree:

Services are based on the current theory of search engine optimization, search engine algorithms and current best practices, and CFM cannot and does not guarantee the effectiveness of services in an effort to increase search engine rankings or desired results.

CFM will make a good-faith effort to render Services in such a way that the desired results occur, but Client agrees to not hold CFM liable if the desired results are not achieved.

CFM has no control over the policies of search engines, both now or in the future, that deem types of sites and/or site content as acceptable. Client site may be excluded from or penalized by any search engine, at any time, at the sole discretion of the search engine.

Client agrees that CFM is not responsible in any way for any such penalization or drop in Client search engine rankings.

Occasionally, site listings and rankings in certain search engines will be dropped entirely and/or decreased for no apparent or predictable reason. Client agrees that CFM is not responsible for such drops or decreases. These ranking changes are controlled solely by the various search engines.

Due to the competitiveness of some keywords/phrases and ongoing changes in search engine ranking algorithms, CFM cannot and does not guarantee #1 positions or consistent top 10 rankings for any particular keyword, phrase, or search term.

Client understands and agrees that it takes time to build and grow a successful SEO marketing campaign and that, in most cases, anything less than six (6) months of dedicated and consistent SEO work is insufficient.

Services Not Guaranteed:
Client understands and agrees that results from CFM Services are not guaranteed.

CLIENT shallagrees to provide all media, logos and approved website images to be included on the website prior to the primary development period of the website build. (see time frame section)

In the event that these media items are not provided by the primary development period - CFM reserves the right to add industry applicable stock images to proceed with launch. (max 3 per page) The client may change post launch as part of their technical support hours. All marketing copy can be provided by CFM or by CLIENT. Client represents and warrants that it has the right to properly use any intellectual property provided to CFM.

CFM can/does supply stock images as needed to fulfill client design requests or when appropriate to complete page designs.
Website, webpage, social media, or other related content can be provided by CFM and published on the Clients behalf to stay within project timelines.

CFM is not liable for any website content provided or published that is in violation of legal requirements or under any intellectual property law or regulation including but not limited to trademark and copyright law.copyright.


Client guarantees the ownership of, or permission to use, any elements of text, graphics, photos, designs, trademarks, or other artwork or copy provided to CFM for use in performing the requested Service. Client will hold harmless, protect, and defend CFM and its subcontractors from any liability or suit that arises from the use of any such elements.

Ownership of Deliverables:

This needs to be clarified- who owns the deliverables? Is it the client? CFM? My recommendation would be that CFM retains ownership in any IP generated as a result of the engagement and grants the client a non-exclusive license to use.

Confidentiality and Trade Secret Protection:

Client shall not, without prior written approval of CFM, publish, copy, or otherwise disclose to others, or permit the use by others for their benefit or to the detriment of CFM, any CFM internal processes. Client understands that CFM’s business depends on the preservation of its unique approach to website development and that unauthorized disclosure thereof would cause irreparable harm to CFM. For purposes of this Agreement, “internal processes ” shall include CFM’s trade secrets, know-how, inventions, techniques and processes that have or could have commercial value or other utility in the business in which CFM is engaged. “Internal development and SEO Processes” shall not include information that is: (a) publicly known at the time of disclosure or subsequently becomes publicly known through no fault of Client; (b) discovered or created by Client before disclosure by CFM; (c) learned by Client through legitimate means other than from the CFM or CFM’s representatives; or (d) is disclosed by Client with CFM’s prior written approval. CFM shall designate in writing any documents or other materials that it believes are “internal processes” subject to this paragraph prior to disclosing them to Client. The website itself and its operation shall not be considered an “internal process.” Client shall retain ownership in the website, and nothing in this agreement shall prevent Client or its agent from using, updating, or modifying the website for Client’s use.


Client agrees that the trade secret, proprietary and confidential nature of CFM’s internal development and SEO processes would result in irreparable and immediate injury were it to be disclosed to the public, released to a third party, or otherwise disclosed in breach of this Agreement.


CFM and Client agree that terms in sections Damages and Confidentiality are deemed reciprocal to both parties.

Information/File Retention:

Client will promptly honor any request from CFM to destroy all copies of CFM’s internal development and SEO Processes (including all electronic copies) disclosed under this Agreement and all notes related to such processes.

Property of CFM:

Client understands and agrees that the website development process and Search Engine Optimization development processes are property of CFM and will remain the property of CFM, and that nothing contained in this Agreement should be construed as a grant or transfer of any Client rights to reuse or resell these processes.

Agreement to Non-Solicitation:

Client understands that the services it will receive from CFM may result in the disclosure of confidential information regarding employees and contractors of CFM relating to their education, experience, skills, abilities, compensation and benefits, and relationships with customers of CFM. Client recognizes that the information it possesses and will possess about these other employees is not generally known, is of substantial value to CFM in developing its business and in securing and retaining customers, and has been and will be acquired by Client because of its relationship with the Company. Client acknowledges and agrees that CFM's business depends on the preservation of its employee relationships and that solicitation of said employees would cause CFM irreparable harm and, therefore, Client agrees as follows:

During the Term of the Contract with CFM and for a period of 12 months following the termination of that Contract with CFM, Client shall not, without the written permission of CFM, directly or indirectly (i) solicit, employ or retain, or have or cause any other person or entity to solicit, employ or retain, any person who is employed by CFM or was employed by CFM during the 6-month period prior to such solicitation, employment, or retainer, (ii) encourage any such person not to devote his or her full business time to CFM, or (iii) agree to hire or employ any such person.This obligation of non-solicitation, regarding CFM's employees and contractors, will remain in effect after the termination of this Agreement in accordance with the preceding paragraph. Client agrees that liquidated damages for breach of non-solicitation is equal to twelve (12) months of salary of the solicited employee payable immediately upon solicitation, employment, or any other action consistent with the intent of this section.


This Agreement will remain binding until either party terminates through written notice. Any new agreement, drawn up and signed by both parties, will supersede this one. Unless an updated agreement is created, this arrangement will apply to all future service requests. Client may choose or select the same, different, or no services in months following the termination of this agreement. Auto-Renewal? Notice to terminate renewal?


The failure of either party to voice their requirement of strict performance of any of the binding terms and agreements contained in this agreement, or the failure to exercise any of the rights granted to either party under this Agreement for a breach thereof, shall not be deemed to be a waiver of those rights or a waiver of any following breach. Whether intentional or not, no rejection by CFM or the client of any breach of obligations or duties specified in this agreement will be determined an extension to any prior or subsequent breaches. This will not affect any rights arising by virtue of any prior or subsequent occurrence.

How Notices Will be Given:

Any notice given in connection with this Agreement will be given in writing and delivered either by mail at the addresses listed above, by email to [email protected] for notices to CFM, or by the email address listed above for Client. Either party may change this address in written requests to [email protected]

Venue and Jurisdiction; Governing Law:

This Agreement is subject to the laws of the State of Tennessee and the validity, interpretation and legal effect of this letter shall be governed by the laws of the State of Tennessee applicable to contracts entered into and performed entirely within the State of Tennessee without regard to conflict of law principles..

The exclusive venue for any controversy, or claim, or any other disagreement arising out of or relating to this Agreement, breach or interpretation thereof, shall be the appropriate state and federal courts located in Maury County, Tennessee. Any claim must be brought before such court. Accordingly, Client and CFM consentwill submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of such courts.

Any process in any action or proceeding commenced in the courts in the State of Tennessee or elsewhere arising out of or relating to any such claim, dispute or disagreement may, among other methods, be served upon you or us by delivering or by mailing the same via registered or certified mail to the addresses contained herein.

Attorney's Fees:

The prevailing party in any such dispute arising hereunder shall be entitled to recover from the other party its reasonable attorneys' fees in connection therewith in addition to the costs thereof.


In the event of the merger or consolidation of CFM, into or with any other entity, this agreement will not be terminated.

Confidentiality of Agreement:

Client agrees to not disclose any of the terms laid forth in this Agreement to any third party without prior consent from CFM, except when so required by applicable laws.

Endorsement & Association:

Client agrees to allow CFM to use visual logo's and/or business name in promotional materials & language, at will. unless notified by client in writing. In good faith, CFM, will notify client of the nature and extent of promotional use, however, notification is not an obligation.

Interpretation and Fair Construction of Contract:

This Agreement has been reviewed and approved by each of the parties in full freedom and write to amendments and consultation with legal counsel prior to the signing of this agreement.


Neither this Agreement, nor any term or provision to this Agreement, may be waived, changed, discharged, modified, amended, modified or terminated orally, other than in writing signed by each party.

Corporate Authorization:

Any and all individuals executing this Agreement on the behalf of a corporation, limited liability company, partnership or other business entity (collectively referred to as "company"), represents and warrantsguarantees they are properly authorized to sign and deliver this Agreement and any monetary obligations contained therein, on behalf of the client and that this Agreement is binding on the Clientclient. Upon signing of the Agreementcontract, Client shall appoint a representative who shall be the single point of contact for the relationship with CFM to ensure continuity of the relationship. (SIGNING PARTY- CFM reserves right to require signing party to be an active participant in any dispute negotiations)

Additional Provisions:

This Agreement will bind and be in effect for the benefit of both parties listed in this agreement as well as for their successors and assigned representatives, with the exception that the Confidential Information and the rights and obligations under this Agreement may not be assigned by Client to a representative or a third party without the prior written consent of CFM.
In addition, the headings and cover page of this document are for reference and informational purposes only, and should not be considered in an attempt to interpret this Agreement outside the realms of demonstrating clarity.
With the exception of any other Non-Disclosure Agreements previously executed, this document contains the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof, and may not be amended, nor any obligation waived, except by a writing signed by both parties hereto. Any failure to enforce any provision of this Agreement will not constitute a waiver thereof or of any other provision.

Event of Non Payment and Late Fees:

Each invoice will be paid by Client within fifteen (15) calendar days from receipt of the invoice. If Client is delinquent in the payment of any undisputed portion of a valid invoice and fails to remedy the delinquency within thirty (30) days after receipt of written notice from CFM that Client has failed to make such payment, CFM may suspend the Services for which Client is delinquent in payment until delinquency is remedied, including hosting. In addition, if Client is delinquent in paying any undisputed invoice amount for more than thirty (30) calendar days after the due date, Client may be charged interest on the undisputed amount until the date paid at the rate of 3% or the highest rate allowed by law of all past due and outstanding balances on a monthly basis, whichever is less.

3rd Party Code/Support:

CFM utilizes code and technology from 3rd parties, both self directed and when requested by a client. This could include, but is not limited to, website plugins, email marketing software, CRM integrations, website tools, ect. CFM does not guarantee any 3rd party code, software, platform or otherwise included functionality nor do we guarantee its support. If conflict arises, CFM will make a good faith effort to maintain the clients website functionality to the same level delivered at go-live.

Legal Representation:

You have been represented by independent legal counsel or have had the unrestricted opportunity to be represented by independent legal counsel of your choice for purposes of advising you in connection with the execution of this letter. If you have not been represented by independent legal counsel of your choice in connection with this letter, you acknowledge and agree that your failure to be represented by independent legal counsel in connection with this letter was determined solely by you. If the foregoing accurately reflects our understanding and agreement, please so indicate by signing in the space provided below. We look forward to working with you.

If you have any questions regarding our Terms and Conditions, please email [email protected]